We are recruiting Ham radio operators to provide the communications support for the North West Citizen Corp Expo 2009.  This is a disaster field exercise calling on CERT team and Medical Reserve Corps participants from across the state.  The event organizers want to utilize Ham radio operators to staff the communications function in support of the field earch and rescue teams as well as the Communication Units at the Incident Command Post and medical facilities.  Additionally, Hams will provide communications for the exercise controllers to help assess the condition of exercise play and transmit updates to controllers in field. 


This will be a great opportunity for hams trained in emergency communication to gain a realistic field experience as well as for hams interested in perhaps joining a ARES, RACES or ACS team to see what it is all about.  We are sending this recruitment request to Emergency Communications Team leaders as well as other Ham radio organizations with the hope that it will quickly be distributed to the membership.  We welcome teams from organizations to participate as well as individuals.  Please help us get out the word – this will provide a great training experience for us and a good opportunity for Ham radio to work closely with disaster preparedness planners and responders. 


Here are the particulars:

When:  Saturday August 22, 2009 at 0730 – lasting until approximately 1630.

Where:  Washington State Fire Training Academy (near North Bend – see flyer for details)

Type of Exercise: Large mass casualty – CERT teams will be in the field locating, rescuing and transporting victims to a field medical facility staffed by Reserve Medical Corps volunteers.

Registration and Background Check:  Ham radio operators will be considered event staff, they will be required to complete the attached State Emergency Worker registration form and agree to a Washington State Patrol records check (at no charge).   A temporary State Emergency Worker card will be issued for the day of the event.  In order to insure uniform vetting and registration, all volunteers are required to go through this process even though they have been issued an Emergency Worker Card through their served agency.


Ham Radio Operator Assignments:  We are expecting radio operators to show up with their own hand held radio and sufficient batteries to last the day.  Radios capable of operating on 2 meters and 70 cm are preferred.  We have not yet set a frequency plan (ICS 205).  The drill will be conducted outdoors, participants must be bring appropriate clothing and be prepared for the weather.  Meals will be provided.  Ham radio operators will either be assigned as a field communicator for a CERT team or to support the exercise control team in the field or at a fixed post.  A brief training in preparation for these assignments will be conduct in the morning – with the exercise beginning in the early afternoon.

 To Register – fill out the attached Ham Radio Staff Registration and Release Form – mail or FAX in as instructed ASAP and e-mail mark.sheppard@seattle.gov  so we can put you on the list and keep track of who is participating.

 Ham Flyer for CERT EXPO

Ham Staff Registration CERT EXPO


Thanks to the fine camera work of John Frost, KC7NVE here is a series of photos he took at the field day event on Satuday.