New Member Orientation

September 24, 2009

Seattle ACS and King County MST held a new member orientation on Wednesday September 23.  Attached is a the presentation in PDF format.

(please click the text to the right to retrieve document)   New Member OrientationRev 9-23-09


September, October and November will be very busy training months. The first course of the season is New Member Orientation on Wednesday September 23rd 7pm-9pm at the Seattle EOC. Everyone is encouraged to attend for a refresher and to meet new members. Additional training will take place at the EOC on a date to be determined in October.

The first regular monthly training session at SSCC is on Saturday September 26th 9am-11:30am. There will be two topics. Bob Heling will cover the weekly ACS Nets including some proposed changes for the Net. Then we will perform hands-on Basic Message Handling. This will be a great way to get prepared to participate in the Simulated Emergency Test or  SET drill coming up on October 10th. This will be a field exercise which will take place from 9am-noon at various locations such as hospitals and parks.  Additional information will be coming soon.

The October 24th SSCC regular training session will feature a new course, Orientation to Disaster Driving. Brian Daly is developing this classroom course to be suitable for all members as part of each member’s personal disaster preparedness.  On November 7th a sequel course is scheduled, Certification for Disaster Driving. This field training will take place in the parking area adjacent to Olympic Hall at the SSCC campus. This course is for members who want to be prepared to use their own vehicles to transport others during disaster conditions.

ARECC Level 1 training will take place on November 14th and 21st at SSCC. This course requires two full days of training. On the 21st ARECC students will join other members in attending the regular monthly training session. That session consisting of Field Observer Training (such as survival and navigation) will incorporate a portion of the ARECC material.

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