Technician Class Course Needs Mentors and Speakers

October 8, 2010

Hello ACS Members,

The Technician Class License course introduced by Jonathan Scherch, KK7PW, is a Go. There will be about 12 students participating. Students will manage and advance their collaborative learning by participating in both 1) online study groups and 2) monthly evening class sessions.

1) Online Study Groups Need Mentors

We are signing-up mentors now for the weekly online study groups. You can mentor students for one week or more of the nine week course. It will be easy and fun. As a mentor you will:

  • Post an entry identifying yourself and provide a brief biography of your experience as a ham
  • Monitor the online classroom by checking in at least a couple times a day
  • Respond to student questions and conversations with entries that expand learning
  • Have fun!

We are using the Gordon West Technician Class manual for 2010-2014. You do not need to purchase the book as we will provide copies of the materials covered each week. Here is the schedule

  Week of GWTC pages Topics Mentors
1 10/11 Ch 1,2,3


Getting into Ham Radio, Technician License Privileges – Band Plans, Ham History  
2 10/18 Ch 4


Call Signs, Station Control, FCC rules  
3 10/25 Ch 4


Frequencies, Radios, Going on the Air  
4 11/1 Ch 4


Repeaters, Emergency Operations, Weak Signal Propagation  
5 11/8 Ch 4


Satellite Signals, Digital Operations, Multi Mode Operations, Interference  
6 11/15 Ch 4


Electrons: Go With the Flow!, Ohms Law, & Picture This!  
7/8 11/22&29 Ch 4


Antennas, Feed Me Some Good Coax!, & Safety First!  
9 12/6 Ch 5


Taking the Exam and Receiving Your First License  

So pick a week(s) and contact Chris KE7JBF 206 850 6717.

Then “Join Group” at and we’ll provide your materials.

2) Monthly Evening Classes Need Speakers

We will convene three Wednesday evening class sessions to be held at Antioch University Seattle (6th Ave. & Battery St) from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, on October 13, November 10 and December 8, to complement the online content. These class sessions will allow us to meet and learn together.

We are seeking speakers for the October and November sessions for “show and tell” presentations. Speakers can bring equipment to give live hands-on experience to the students related to the material they are studying online.

So pick a session and contact Chris KE7JBF 206 850 6717

Then “Join Group” at

The Technician Class License exam will be administered during the final evening class session on December 8.


Finally, if you know anyone who would like to take this free course (manual cost ~ $20 and exam fee ~$15) direct them to “Join Group” at


Chris Yody, KE7JBF

206 850 6717


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