EOC Operations Series Offered November 3, 12, and 19

October 26, 2009

Learn how the EOC works and how to perform a role in the EOC. These EOC Operations courses need to be taken sequentially. Completion of Basic is a prerequisite to Intermediate and Intermediate a prerequisite to Advanced. In certain circumstances (ie. completed ICS 100,200 and prior experience working in EOC) a waiver may be granted for attendance at the Basic course. These courses will be taught by EOC staff at the Seattle EOC 105 Ave So.

Tuesday   11/3   6:30-8:30pm Basic EOC Operations – overview including charter, goals and purpose

Thursday 11/12 6:30-8:30pm Intermediate EOC Operations – roles are explained and practiced

Thursday 11/19 6:30-8:30pm Advanced EOC Operations – adminstration and integration including situation reports and planning

Basic and Intermediate EOC Operations are objectives for the ACS Senior Radio Operator classification.  Those who have taken these courses previously are welcome to attend to be refreshed on EOC Operations. See the Training and Events Calendar for additional information on these courses.

Posted by Chris Yody KE7JBF


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