ACS October Field Exercise – Yields Great Experience and Lots of Fun

October 15, 2009

The Drill provided new as well as experienced ACS radio operators an opportunity to work in new rolls, and gain new experiences.  Joel Ware, KD7QKK Seattle ACS’s Deputy Director, served as COML and principal exercise planner.  Joel did a very good job in structuring the drill and recruiting team members to serve in a capacity that they may have not done before.  We tried some procedures that were new and prompted by lessons-learned in last spring’s exercise.  These changes included: 1. Removing the bottle-neck of checking everyone in on PSRG, instead people were told to check on a UHF repeater by geographic location, PSRG was freed up for direction and coordination as well as contact from outside teams.  2.  Physically moving the north net control to North Seattle Community College – to decentralize and free up some space in the EOC.   This worked well and coordination was maintained using WEBEOC and radio.  3.  Adding a second set of headphones to the EOC workstation consoles so a second operator could assist with message handling- this seemed to work well.  Thanks to the technical work of Frank McJunkins K7RSD for completing this project prior to the drill.  4.  Connecting with the Community Neighborhood HUBs. and 5. Including a couple of special projects; radio propagation testing for the Wallingford Hub and checking radio paths to some Port of Seattle Facilities.

Here is a list of Exercise Participants by assignment:  (if we inadvertently left someone off the list let us know and we will update it)

Name Call Assignment
Bill Dockstader W7LSk Field Comm
Boone Barker KC7RK North Sea Comm Ops
Chris Osburn KD7DVD Field Comm
Chris Yody KE7JBF West Seattle Comm
Christine Foss KE7VND EOC Comm Ops
Cindi Barker KD7KSH WS Communications Hub
Curt Black WR5J West Seattle Comm
Dale Nelson KE7BSB North Net Control
Dave Mann KD7ZYM EOC Comm Ops
Frank McJunkins K7RSD Pre Event Tech Support
Greg Dahlman W7GHD Field Comm
Greg Eastman W7GLE Port  Comms
James Hadlock K7WA EOC Comm Ops
JD Wallace N8JD Wallingford Team Lead
Joel Ware KD7QKK COML Ex Planner
Llew Roberts KG6GXY EOC Comm Ops
Mary Heim Wallingford Community
Mike Maloy KF7DTI EOC Comm Ops
Russ Read Port of Seattle EM
Sandy Cook K9SLC Field Comm
Tammy Zoch WA7TZ EOC Comm Ops
Tareq Saade W7TJS Field Comm
Theresa Edwards K7TEA EOC Comm Ops
Todd Heuer WA7FOX EOC Comm Ops
Tom Croteau WA9ZSK Field Comm
Tom McIntyre KB7KIF Field Comm

We will be conducting an after action review – lessons learned at the Seattle EOC 6:30 PM Thursday October 15 – please plan to attend – a summary will be posted here.

Please see the following photos from the event – send more if you have some…


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