October 10th Field Exercise Player Guide

October 8, 2009

Greetings – Thank you for agreeing to participate in the Seattle ACS/MST October 10, 2009 Comm Exercise (SET 2009).  This package of information is intended to provide a basic overview of the purpose and objectives of the exercise and your role and what is expected.  We want this exercise be a lot of fun and a good opportunity for all of to practice and learn.  We want everyone to be creative and take some license in playing your role.  Most of all be safe and remember your training.

Important Note: Only registered ACS and MST members are eligible to participate in this exercise – we will take check-ins from others but they will not be deployed to a field location unless they have a valid ACS or MST ID card number.  You must be a registered Washington State Emergency Worker.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this exercise is to improve the readiness and effectiveness of Seattle ACS and Region 6 of the Western Washington Medical Services Team, by practicing all the processes that would be followed in a real-world incident.

Each year the ARRL encourages all ARES and RACES teams in the country to conduct a Simulated Emergency Test (SET), for the purpose of exercising the communication teams in a coordinated effort to communicate with served agencies and other neighboring jurisdictions. The teams are encouraged to utilize as many newly licensed operators as possible, both voice and digital modes, and to solicit publicity announcements.

After Action Review – Lessons Learned

All participants are invited to an exercise after-action review which will be held at the Seattle EOC at 6:30 PM on Thursday October 15, 2009.  The Seattle EOC is located at 105 5th Ave S. (at the corner of 5th Ave S. and S. Washington St.)

Player Guide Documents (.PDFs) Linked Here:

Commex_ACS-MST_PlayersGuide_20091008 Final

ICS-205_CommEx_ACS-MST FINAL_20091008

ACS Message Form w_instructions-10-2-08b

Sample Messages


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