ACS/MST Field Exercise October 10th

October 4, 2009

We are inviting all Seattle ACS members as well as KC MST members assigned to Seattle Hospitals to participate in the Field Exercise scheduled for Saturday October 10, 2009 beginning at 0900 and running to approximately 1130.  This drill is part of the National ARRL Simulated Emergency Test or SET.  The exercise scenario will be based on a communications disaster caused by a severe winter storm and complicated by the flooding of the Green River in the Kent Valley.  We will not be using our call out paging system – we will expect all participants to listen on the PSRG repeater 146.96 MHz. at 0900 for a short briefings describing the exercise scenario and instructions on what to do.

You will be given instructions to check in on a specific UHF repeater corresponding to your location.  You will then be assigned to report to a specific location to team up with other ACS members or to operate individually.  Some participants may not be able to travel – let net control know and you will be give an assignment at your location.

Remember – to always include the phrase:  “This is a drill and not a real emergency” – please say this frequently.

What you will need to participate:

  1. A radio or radios capable of operating on VHF and UHF (please pre-program to the Seattle ACS frequencies – see chart below
  2. The Seattle ACS Message Form with instructions – a PDF is available here – please down- load and print copies as needed.  ACS Message Form w_instructions-10-2-08b
  3. The Exercise instructions including the Frequency Plan ICS-205 this will be distributed later this week.  This will provide you much more information about how to participate and create messages.
  4. Willingness to travel around the area, if you can.
  5. Please confirm your participation in this important exercise by e-mailing Mark, N7LYE at

    EOC VHF – (rev 12-30-08)
    Chl # Display Rcv Freq Xmit Freq Xmit Tone Rcv Tone Comments
    1 PSRG RPTR 146.96 146.36 103.5 ACS Main
    2 ACS SIMPLEX N 146.56 146.56 103.5 X-band Repeat
    3 ACS SIMPLEX S 147.58 147.58 103.5 X-band Repeat
    4 PSRG Out 146.96 146.96 103.5 Repeater Output
    5 MST RPTR 146.9 146.3 103.5
    EOC UHF – (rev 10-2-09)
    Chl # Display Rcv Freq Xmit Freq Xmit Tone Rcv Tone Comments
    1 ACS NE 443.65 448.65 141.3 141.3 Maple Leaf Repeater
    2 ACS CAP HILL 1 443 448 141.3 141.3 GHC Capital Hill
    3 ACS W SEA 441.8 446.8 141.3 W Seattle Myrtle
    4 ACS MAGNLIA 443.475 448.475 141.3 Magnolia Res
    5 ACS LFPARK 442 447 141.3 Lake Forest Park Res
    6 ACS CAP HILL 2 442.875 447.875 141.3 141.3 Cap Hill WA7UHF
    7 ACS BEAC HILL 440.525 445.525 141.3 ACS Beacon Hill WA7UHF
    8 X BAND NORTH 446.025 446.025 141.3 out on 146.56
    9 X BAND SOUTH 445.825 445.825 141.3 out on 147.58
    10 QUEEN ANN 444.7 449.7 103.5 K7PAL
    11 MST VA 443.55 448.55 103.5 Med Services Beacon Hill
    12 COLUMBIA CTR 444.550 449.450 141.3 Seattle ACS wide area
    13 KC SAR 444.525 449.525 103.5 Squak – Fire & MST/Issaqua
    14 CHNL 9 TWR 444.375 449.375 203.5 AJ7JA Fat Salmon

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