In spite of Sounders Opening – ACS Trains at EOC

March 24, 2009

webeoc-training0005On Thursday evening March 19 – Pioneer Square was jumping as Sounders FC opened it first season to a joyful crowd.  Parking was at a premium but some how resourceful ACS members were able to park and make it to the EOC for hands-on radio training.   Those in attendance included Jacob KE7 TNP, Tom Nl7FQ, Jeff Chang WB7AHT, Mike Toot KE7WBE, Frank McJunkins K7RSD, Todd WA7FOX and Tammy WA7TZ.  webeoc-training0001

The purpose of the training, which will be repeated, is to give ACS and MST operators experience operating the new Motorola CDM 1250 UHF and VHF radios and using the NCS mini-switching console.  This system was installed at the beginning of year by Tom Saunders N7OEP from the City’s Radio shop and an ACS member.  The system replaces the old 1980’s vintage Motorola gear that came out of police and fire vehicles when the City upgraded to 800 MHz trunking system in the 1990’s.  This gear was at end of life after serving the City well – our new gear really works well and has made a big difference in the signals coming out of the EOC. webeoc-training0007

Here are a few more pictures of ACS members involved in the training.



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