ACS/MST Joint Training Session 2-28-09

March 2, 2009

Fred explains a Topo Map On Saturday February 28, The Medical Services Team and Seattle ACS held a joint training session at South Seattle Community College.  The theme was “Staying Found”.  Fred Rowly, the City of Seattle’s GIS coordinator conducted a session titled: Navigating the Urban Environment.  He covered the history of navigation, different types of maps, how to use a compass to find your position on the map, GPS overview and discussion of new web-available mapping technologies.  His slide presentation will be available soon, we will provide it as a .PDF file.  The topics Fred presented seemed to resonate well with the two teams, there was quite a bit of discussion and questions.  Several of the participants had experience with navigation and we able to contribute their knowledge and experience. 

Fred explained the street grid for King County including Seattle and there was a good discussion how this works and the group worked through some practical examples and did find a few exceptions to the rules.  We will provide all with a handy one-page guide to carry with us to aid in finding addressess in our County.  We very much enjoyed Fred’s presentation and thank him for taking his Saturday morning to train us.

Chris KD7DVD at the APRS StationFollowing Fred’s presentation Chris Osburn, KD7DVD presented a brief overview of Automated Packet-radio Reporting System (APRS) and provide a demonstration using his portable station which he set-up in the classroom.  After overcoming the normal stress of taming the classroom A/V system he was able to project the APRS map so all could see various ham stations reporting out from across the region.  He was able to demonstrate the short messaging capability of the system and how you can get into APRS with only a handheld device that has an on-board TNC and GPS receiver.  Chris has agree to be the lead for ACS APRS practice and will help us with a strategy of how we can best implement this tool to support our mission.  Many thanks to Chris for conducting the demonstration and taking on this new role with ACS.  The APRS demonstration and discussion seemed to spark a lot of enthusiasm for this very interesting mode of operation.  I think we can expect to see many new APRS icons popping up on the location map in the near future…

The meeting was scheduled to end at 11:30 AM but there were still people talking and hanging out to around 12:30 when I drove away from the small group remaining in the parking lot… a great meeting about 50 in attendance – thanks for being there – 73’s for now de N7LYE … _._   



2 Responses to “ACS/MST Joint Training Session 2-28-09”

  1. Dale KE7BSB said

    The meeting was full and there was a lot of good fellowship and great presenters with great material and show-and-tell items.

  2. Chris KE7JBF said

    Great meeting and as always great coffee. thanks

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